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We are developers concerned about digital freedom and privacy. Technology is massively altering the nature of societies where connection has become primary. A vast shift in concepts like trust, reputation and identities is a must for the metaverse that is to come to be fair and human-centric. Democratizing and enabling the access to this paradigm is what keeps us awake. We fight for digital societies to be trustworthy by enabling secure and tamper-resistant communication systems.

Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

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BLOOCK CEO Enchainte LLuis Libre

Lluís Llibre

CEO & Co-Founder
Jordi Estape BLOOCK CTO Technical lead

Jordi Estapé

Technical Lead & Co-Founder
Marc Baque BLOOCK product lead

Marc Baqué

Product Lead & Co-Founder
Carlos Guerrero BLOOCK Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer CCO CMO

Carlos Guerrero

Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer
Miquel Abril BLOOCK Chief Compliance Officer CCO

Miquel Abril

Chief Compliance Officer
Albert Canyelles BLOOCK DevOps Core Engineer

Albert Canyelles

Core Engineer
Cristina Castro BLOOCK Frontend Developer

Cristina Castro

Frontend Developer
Alberto Aguado BLOOCK Backend Developer

Alberto Aguado

Backend Developer
Luu Ha Anh BLOOCK Marketing Manager

Lưu Hà Anh

Marketing Manager
Eduard Tomas BLOOCK Backend Developer

Eduard Tomàs

Backend Developer
Mireia Gomariz BLOOCK Frontend Developer

Mireia Gomáriz

Frontend Developer