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Blockchain & Encryptions for data security

Thanks to Blockchain and BLOOCK, it’s now possible to guarantee the authentication and originality of  any digital file, email or web content with the highest levels of security at the lowest available cost

Data Verification & Certification

Benefit from unparalleled blockchain security with total immutability and technology independence. Our Data Verification & Certification solution allows for an intuitive verification of your documents that requires no instruction manual. You can start to certify and verify without any privacy compromises via our user-friendly Dashboard.

Digital Signature

Ensure your data security through the Blockchain Digital Signature solution. E-signature is your unique fingerprint that makes it possible to check the authenticity and integrity of any digital messages and documents. With Web3, you guarantee that the document is not altered in transit, preventing data tamper-proofing.

Digital Identity

The traditional identity systems of today are fragmented, insecure, and exclusive. Blockchain Digital Identity solution enables more secure management and storage of digital identities by providing unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with key benefits to enterprises, users, and even IoT management systems.


Future-proof your data with a security-first solution

Benefit from the blockchain solution guarantees your privacy. Your data will always stay on your servers giving you optimal security and control at all times.

Speed up your business while keeping it low-cost through our advanced algorithms and fiat payment. Avoid the high fees of blockchain-specialized development.

Beat your competition by offering the full blockchain experience to your customers and partners.

Apply your own use case with a cross-industry blockchain solution. BLOOCK manages clients from all sectors and departments.

Certify and verify documents in just 20mins! Through our advanced algorithms, we register over 4000+ records per second for all clients.

Make it legal: From GDPR to ZertES – we’ve got you covered with regulations and compliance worldwide.

Blockchain for enterprise

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What they say about us

"We are adopting Blockchain since this is a new paradigm for our organization to impulse transparency and trust with a clear importance to our customers"
Toni Caro
President - COEC
"Blockchain is changing how our customers approach to trust and transparency. Definitely, COVID accelerated the traction of this technology in the market"
Ignasi Oliva
Tech lead - I2Cat Center
"There are many new applications in our insurance world that can be opened thanks to the blockchain technology and that will enable our new revenue streams in the near future"
Jose Maria Martín
CEO & President - SNB Group
"Blockchain is the key opportunity for our vineyard to compete head to head with international brands while provide a revolutionary differentiation with other wineries and improve our competitive"
Mike Barrow
Project Lead - OpenVino

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