Why do companies need data recording?

“BLOOCK enables any project to record data privately in Ethereum” But why do companies need blockchain data recording? And what exactly is this process?

There is no doubt that in this revolutionary era, blockchain technology has drastically transformed how we use contracts and transact. Especially, it made a great impact in changing how transactions and contracts were recorded and stored conventionally. Maintaining the data records is vital for the survival of any organization today. Nevertheless, how important is blockchain data recording for enterprises? And what exactly is this process?

Data recording and its importance.

Here are some importance of Data Recording

  • Blockchain-Verifiable Credentials: There are different advantages for a foundation that issues digital certifications with perceiving every one of the achievements accomplished by anybody, whether it is a school, business association, or even the government itself. This credential is applied in almost every field: from the food industry to the health segment.
  • Full Compatibility: The Blockchain confirmed credentials are alterations-apparent that can be cryptographically checked effectively. These assist the users with building up certainty utilizing the blockchain record innovations to their maximum. It also provides the user with complete compatibility and adaptability.
  • Recognition: Blockchain utilized alongside data certification gives total flexibility and conformity to the open norm for credentials. Hence, blockchain provides recognition from multiple sides with worldwide acknowledgments from different parties, clients, and representatives, providing it with recognition from both sides.

Data recording and BLOOCK

1. What is data recording?

Leveraging blockchain technology, data are now embedded in digital code and stored in transparent, shared databases, while also having full security. Thanks to Blockchain, we can have digital data records of all the individuals, transactions, processes, tasks, or payments we come across. Even the digital signature can be validated, shared, and stored.

Moreover, today in business, we need quick, undeniable, and interoperable frameworks to originate, stock, and offer certifications. Utilizing blockchain records with data certification permits one to assign, store and control the legitimacy of advanced digital accreditations while enabling the holders to hold full proprietorship and command over how and with whom your certifications are shared.

2. How does BLOOCK help record your data on the blockchain?

BLOOCK is a Layer 2 scaling solution based on Ethereum Mainnet, which helps to record your data and information on blockchain with full privacy. Therefore, we maximize the value of the Ethereum connection while minimizing all of its frictions.

Using our multilanguage SDKs, you can generate unique encrypted fingerprints of your data (“#” or Hash), while keeping the data safe on your server. Therefore, your data is protected with full privacy as no external agent can decrypt your hash to retrieve your information. Then, by employing BLOOCK’s advanced algorithms, we accumulate all HASH in a block; with the maximum storage of 100 million hash. After the process, you or your customers can verify at any time whether the data has been tampered by comparing it with the one stored in the Blockchain.

Hash going through BLOOCK
Generate your hash and let BLOOCK helps to record your data with the maximum value of Ethereum connection.

Blockchain data recording in the future

Blockchain technology has shown its transformation in data records, data certification, and circulation, which eliminates the prerequisite for an intermediary master to empower advanced connections.

Organizations might have enormous proportions of information in every sector. Consequently, there is a need to normalize data storage and security plans to adjust their functional construction to industry prerequisites. It will consistently be with you as a safe digital wallet in an application with blockchain records verification.

With BLOOCK, we guarantee your project with high scalability, extreme privacy, and an easy solution to blockchain data recording. Our product provides you:

  • High scalability speed of 4000+ records/second
  • Full privacy with your information kept local
  • Easy and fast integration of blockchain system to your existing/own architecture.Separation block

To further understand how BLOOCK works, visit us at: www.bloock.com/product or contact our team at hello@bloock.com


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