Vicenç Hernandez Reche CEO of Tecnotramit joins the construction advisory board

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of Vicenç Hernandez Reche, CEO of Tecnotramit, to our Construction Advisory Committee. His visionary leadership and experience strengthen our commitment to excellence and sustainability in the industry.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Vicenç Hernandez Reche, CEO of Tecnotramit and a distinguished figure in the construction industry in Spain.

With a strong track record in managing solutions and services for financial institutions and real estate companies, Vicenç Hernandez Reche has distinguished himself with his visionary leadership and deep industry knowledge. His role as CEO of Tecnotramit has solidified his reputation as an innovator in the pursuit of efficient and sustainable solutions in the construction industry.

In addition to his outstanding work at Tecnotramit, Vicenç Hernandez Reche also serves as the President of the Col·legi d’Agents de la Propietat Immobiliària de Catalunya (API’s), an association that brings together real estate professionals in Catalonia, and as the President of the national-level association.

The addition of Vicenç Hernandez Reche to the Construction Advisory Committee represents a significant step in our ongoing quest for excellence and leadership in the industry. His diversified expertise, commitment to innovation, and focus on collaboration are qualities that will bring a new dimension to our deliberations and strategies.

With Vicenç’s inclusion, our Advisory Committee now comprises four elite members, each contributing their unique insights and specialized knowledge. This diversity will further strengthen our commitment to sustainable development, efficiency, and excellence in the construction industry.

We take this opportunity to thank all our committee members for their dedication to our mission of promoting excellence in construction.


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