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Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

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Blockchain & Encryptions for data security

BLOOCK provides our clients and partners with a wide range of products to build the most suitable blockchain solution for your project. We offer you the highest certification speed at an affordable price across all industries.

Producing a timestamp seal from any data using multiple public blockchain networks while being GDPR compliant.

Adding an extra layer of security and trust by issuing a digital signature through different mechanisms.

Keeping your data completely private for all but those you allow. Enabling customers to control data security through out the process.

Keeping your data available both in a hosted (cloud) or distributed (IPFS) manner.

Connecting with multiple blockchain networks as BLOOCK provides a managed infrastructure. 

Controling the value added to your stakeholders and preventing any irregular activities by precisely measuring and following your validation usage.

your blockchain Solution - Data integrity

Data certification and verification

Certify, in seconds, the existence of any digital file, ensuring data privacy and security.

You can check the integrity and timestamp of your original file. This gives you proof that the file has not been modified.

how it works

Certify all documents with blockchain

Quick and simple integration

Our Data Certification is easily integrated into any software. It allows you to certify any digital data that is critical for the company (customers, invoices, access control, etc.) giving total security to any file or email generated by your processes.

You can verify at any time if the data has been tampered with by comparing it with the one stored in the Blockchain.

BLOOCK ensures that there is no room for inaccuracy and easily minimizes the risks while deploying your data.

Reinforce digital credentials - data authenticity

Blockchain Digital Identity

Identification and credentials are easier for everyone to work with when they’re digital: vaccination cards, academic qualifications, occupational licenses, employee IDs and more. But this highly personal information must remain private and secure. 

Governments, businesses, and educational institutions are turning to blockchain as a proven way to enable a secure and trusted infrastructure and improve services.


With blockchain technology, information about identity is auditable, traceable and verifiable — in just seconds. Individuals can curate their own profiles and control data sharing. Issuers easily connect with others and provide nearly instant verification of credentials. All participants are empowered by a platform anchored in trust.

The blockchain-based platform handles the infrastructure and security without exposing any of the data used to generate credentials. Only permissioned network participants have access, and all actions and business processes are tamperproof and permanently captured as blockchain transactions.

Built on the guiding principles of open standards and interoperability, IBM’s ready-to-use blockchain-based offerings work with credentialling solutions around the world. This simplifies credential sharing, and builds the trust chain from wallet to wallet and to enterprise systems. Create a solution or join an existing network. Customize the network using the tools of your choice.

The future of E-signing with Blockchain

Sign digitally with blockchain

Digital signatures are associated with a specific user using a private key. They use this to determine who owns the private key, which was used to sign the source data in an email or document.

Digital signatures use an innovative hashing technique every time to ensure that the message received is not falsified.

This feature is unique, providing that a sender who signs the source material cannot later dispute it.

Safe-guard all your data

A digital signature—a type of electronic signature—is a mathematical algorithm routinely used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message (e.g., an email, a credit card transaction, or a digital document). Digital signatures create a virtual fingerprint that is unique to a person or entity and are used to identify users and protect the information in digital messages or documents. In emails, the email content itself becomes part of the digital signature. Digital signatures are significantly more secure than other forms of electronic signatures.

multiple services for the personalized blockchain project

Multiple services for the personalized blockchain project

Allows you to fully manage and control your integrations online in a friendly, visual and easy manner.

The simplest way of certifying data is just with a point-and-click feature without any need for software integration in a tailored subcription base.

A white-label and customizable open -source website that validates the integrity and authenticity of any data without needing any custom development.

Drag & Drop Certifier

Document Verifier

keep up-to-date with our technology


No, we are not. BLOOCK is a software that connects you to the Blockchain without the hassle of setting up the complex process of being part of the Ethereum/ Blockchain network

No, we are a Layer 2 solution for data tamper-proof directly on top of Ethereum Mainnet.

No, we do not. BLOOCK does not have ownership of any data record obtained from our customers. We just received an encrypted “Hash” generated from the customer data set and only the customer can identify it.

Ethereum is a Blockchain that requires the purchase of its own cryptocurrency to perform. We take care of these transactions and facilitate all the complexity of sending and organizing the encrypted Blockchain data by using our advanced compression algorithm.

Our unique compression algorithm extends our capacity. We can send the Ethereum data to around 4000 transactions per second.

Through our API, we are able to create “Write” but also “Read” commands to facilitate the verification of the data records. We have also created open-source applications for 3rd party people to perform a verification of the certified data.

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