What is BLOOCK?

Record all your Data on Ethereum Mainnet with right Privacy

BLOOCK is a simple and scalable software that allows you to record and validate any data against Ethereum. Our solution is designed in a way to evade all capacity and scalability-related challenges faced with Blockchain Technology. BLOOCK provides you a smart platform with enhanced security and functionality, Ethereum Mainnet is surely a great choice for you.

Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online
Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

How does BLOOCK make it possible?

Through our multilanguage SDKs, you can generate unique encrypted fingerprints of your data (“#” or Hash), while your data stays safe on your server.

No external agent will be able to decrypt your hash to retrieve the data it represents.

With BLOOCK, you will get a platform where you can keep your data protected and get easy access to it.

By employing BLOOCK advanced algorithms, we accumulate all HASH in a block; which can contain up to 100 million hash.

You, or your customers, can verify at any time if the data has been tampered with by comparing it with the one stored in the Blockchain.

BLOOCK ensures that there is no room for inaccuracy and easily minimizes the risks while deploying your data.


Track and manage all the records with our simple and intuitive solution

Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

Simple and intuitive SDK

Make the best use of our compatible libraries (JavaScript, Python, or Java/Kotlin) for your toolset.

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Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

Online Dashboard

Quick transaction tracking directly from our efficient online dashboard.

Best Product Enhancer Solution

Maximize the value of the Ethereum connection while minimizing all the frictions


Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online


Ethereum Blockchain Management Software Solution Online

Response time

Time to upload data to Ethereum does not get influenced by our service

Improved Scalability

Improve radically the amount of data that can be recorded per second

Fluent Adoption

Permissionless Blockchains are the most trusted and recognized solution by millions of users

& Resilience

Highly decentralized Blockchains provide the most transparent and robust services.

Data Privacy

Maintain the confidentiality of your data in your server to be compliant with rigorous audits.

& Cost-Efficient

Ethereum connection can be easily accessed while staying under your budget.


No, we are not. BLOOCK is a software that connects you to the Blockchain without the hassle of setting up the complex process of being part of the Ethereum/ Blockchain network

No, we are a Layer 2 solution for data tamper-proof directly on top of Ethereum Mainnet.

No, we do not. BLOOCK does not have ownership of any data record obtained from our customers. We just received an encrypted “Hash” generated from the customer data set and only the customer can identify it.

Ethereum is a Blockchain that requires the purchase of its own cryptocurrency to perform. We take care of these transactions and facilitate all the complexity of sending and organizing the encrypted Blockchain data by using our advanced compression algorithm.

Our unique compression algorithm extends our capacity. We can send the Ethereum data to around 4000 transactions per second.

Through our API, we are able to create “Write” but also “Read” commands to facilitate the verification of the data records. We have also created open-source applications for 3rd party people to perform a verification of the certified data.