Partnering for Progress: BLOOCK and DCA-Blockchain

Promote Blockchain Adoption and Innovation in Catalonia

As a leading blockchain company in Catalonia, BLOOCK is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with the Digital Catalonia Alliance (DCA) to promote the development and adoption of blockchain technology in the region. By joining forces with the DCA-Blockchain community, we aim to accelerate the adoption and development of blockchain technology, fostering innovation and economic growth in the digital economy sector.

The DCA-Blockchain community has recognized BLOOCK as a leader in blockchain technology, and we are excited to contribute our expertise and resources to support their initiatives. Through this partnership, we will work to develop and promote blockchain-based solutions for data verification, traceability, and certification, as well as promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain sector.

DCA – Digital Catalonia Alliance

The DCA is an initiative that brings together the main emerging technology sectors in the Catalan region into an innovative, visionary, disruptive, and collaborative technological community.

The main goal of the DCA is to promote the digital economy sectors in Catalonia. To achieve this, the DCA works to:

● Solve common challenges faced by companies in the sector, both small and medium-sized.

● Support the adoption of technological changes by companies and society.

● Group active reference companies in digital innovation to have a dynamic ecosystem that contributes to the digital economy.

● Align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the strategic challenges of the region.

The DCA-Blockchain is the community within the DCA that brings together companies, research centers, administrations, and other entities that develop, integrate, implement, or offer technological solutions based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain is the platform on which other next-generation technologies will converge, making digital transformation more transparent, trustworthy, and secure. This is a sector with great potential for economic growth and job creation, and Catalonia has a rich ecosystem of companies dedicated to offering Blockchain solutions, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Today, Blockchain technology is applied more strongly in sectors such as retail, food, finance, and data and certification management.

DCA & BLOOCK: Partnership focus

One of the main areas of focus for our partnership with the DCA-Blockchain community is promoting blockchain technology in data management and certification. BLOOCK has developed innovative blockchain-based solutions for data verification and certification, and we look forward to working with the DCA-Blockchain community to make these solutions more accessible and secure for various industries, such as compliance, supply chain, and education.

Another critical area of focus for our partnership with the DCA-Blockchain community is promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain sector. Together, we plan to organize joint initiatives to encourage the development of new blockchain-based solutions and businesses in the region, creating a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and economic growth.

Overall, we believe that our partnership with the DCA-Blockchain community represents a significant step forward for the blockchain industry in Catalonia. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents and look forward to working closely with the DCA-Blockchain community to positively impact Catalonia’s digital economy.


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