New Partnership announcement: Velneo

Velneo, the top Low-code platform for creating business management solutions, has teamed up with BLOOCK to provide its customers with a service that guarantees data integrity on top of decentralized technologies.

Develop the application that your company needs with Velneo. 

Velneo is the leading Low-Code enterprise application development platform. Specially designed to streamline and simplify the process of creating business solutions, this tool provides the capacity to build management applications independently or in collaboration with the Velneo team. 

The main advantage Velneo offers is its ability to drastically reduce development time, allowing applications to be deployed in record time and with full customization. Both deploying in the cloud and local environments (On-premise) is done seamlessly. 

In addition, Velneo provides its customers with open-source templates to facilitate the quick start of development. An outstanding example of its efficiency is the creation of a complete ERP, reducing implementation time by up to 2 years. Velneo is the ideal choice for companies looking for efficiency, speed, and flexibility in developing their business applications. 

Velneo integrates natively with the most popular services and tools thanks to the integration with Zapier and Make. 

Velneo and BLOOCK Integration  

The collaboration between Velneo and BLOOCK stems from the core values shared by both platforms: to facilitate and speed up the adoption of innovative technologies for businesses. In this sense, BLOOCK offers Velneo customers a powerful tool to promote confidence in their companies’ data.  

This integration relies on BLOOCK’s Data Integrity service, which leverages the advantages of decentralized networks, such as blockchain technology, to ensure the security and integrity of information in a simple and accessible way for any entity.  

BLOOCK’s certification service uses the intrinsic properties of blockchain technology to generate a time stamp on data. Any modification or alteration to the information will be immediately detected, providing full traceability of changes made to the data over time.  

Velneo users will benefit from adopting this innovative certification technology to protect and validate their business application data. Through this collaboration, Velneo provides its customers with the opportunity to strengthen confidence in the integrity of their data, ensuring that critical information remains unaltered and protected from unauthorized tampering. 

The future of this collaboration

The future of this collaboration between BLOOCK and Velneo looks promising and full of opportunities. Both platforms plan to conduct significant proofs of concept in the coming months, focused on facilitating the digitization and reliability of data in the construction sector.  

These proofs of concept will be designed to demonstrate how the integration of BLOOCK and Velneo technologies can concretely benefit companies in the construction sector. Innovative solutions will be explored to streamline and simplify digitization processes, enabling companies to adopt advanced technologies more efficiently. 


In Mario Conde Fornós words, CEO of Velneo,“The collaboration between Bloock and Velneo will strengthen the commitment of Low-Code platforms in the simplification of blockchain technology, reducing costs, empowering users and companies to use innovative technologies, to provide traceability and transparency in transactions to management applications, in a fast and simple way”.


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