New BLOOCK partner: Bheed solutions for optimizing real estate management processes

Bheed digitizes real estate processes with innovative technology, enhancing efficiency and trust through blockchain integration with BLOOCK.

Blockchain in real estate management

In an increasingly competitive market, optimizing and reorganizing business resources have become key strategies for success. Bheed stands out in this field by offering technological solutions to digitize processes, maximizing efficiency in the real estate industry. They understand the challenges faced by companies in the sector and have set out to help overcome them through their innovative technology.

Bheed has identified a common problem in companies in the sector: the lack of process optimization and digitization. Real estate companies often face difficulties in information management and work areas, resulting in low operational efficiency. Additionally, coordination between departments and traceability of information are often challenges that affect decision-making and productivity.

Bheed solutions

To address all these issues in the real estate industry, Bheed offers a variety of solutions. These solutions focus on optimizing processes and improving the efficiency of companies in the sector, such as their Real Estate ERP. It is a comprehensive platform designed to plan and regulate corporate resources. This solution integrates all areas and departments related to the real estate business, allowing efficient control of internal processes and company protocols. Additionally, it provides a customer-centric approach, adapting to their specific needs and requirements. The platform is flexible and communicates with other software and applications, and it has the necessary scalability to accompany the growth and evolution of companies. To ensure the security and stability of the platform, Bheed works in collaboration with leading companies like Amazon AWS and has a technical support team available to assist in case of any issues.


On the other hand, Bheed offers specialized systems to cover all construction and real estate company processes, from the reception and delivery of homes to post-sale follow-up and building management. These systems ensure unique asset maintenance in the market, providing complete and efficient control at every stage of the process.


In line with the previous solution, Bheed also offers systems for home reception, delivery, after-sales, and building management. These systems focus on ensuring optimal maintenance of the real estate asset, providing specific tools and functionalities for each of these areas.


As a complement to the previous solutions, Bheed provides comprehensive systems that cover all construction and real estate company processes, from the reception and delivery of homes to post-sale follow-up and building management. These systems are designed to achieve unique asset maintenance in the market, allowing for efficient management and greater control of operations.

Bheed and BLOOCK

We are pleased to announce the collaboration agreement with Bheed. This strategic partnership will allow Bheed to leverage the experience and capabilities of BLOOCK in the field of blockchain technology to further enhance its services. Bheed will be able to integrate blockchain technology into its platform, providing its clients with greater confidence and efficiency in managing their real estate assets and benefiting from increased security, transparency, and agility in their operations.


Blockchain technology offers numerous advantages in the real estate sector, such as verifying the authenticity of documents, tracing transactions, and automating smart contracts. This collaboration reinforces the commitment of both companies to provide cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to the specific needs of the real estate sector.


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