New BLOOCK Partner: Emprove, integrating the diploma certification service into the most widely used LMS.

BLOOCK and Emprove, a company specialized in providing its clients with comprehensive e-learning systems with more than 10 years of experience, join forces to accelerate the digital education revolution and ensure the authenticity of credentials through blockchain technology in the Moodle ecosystem. This partnership will transform education sector!

In an increasingly digitalized world, technological innovation and security are fundamental pillars for the growth and success of educational institutions. That is why at BLOOCK, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Emprove, a company specialized in providing comprehensive e-learning systems to its clients with over 10 years of experience offering secure and efficient business solutions for educational institutions focused on innovation and disruptive technologies. 

Inarmando ramirez the words of Emprove’s CEO, Armando Ramírez Velasco: “E-learning is the fastest way to deliver the most powerful weapon for changing the world.”


Emprove is a Mexican company that emerged to support and strengthen the activities of business and government academic institutions that require professional support to enhance their development in learning and technological advancement, enabling them to continue growing in the virtual learning experience. They provide infrastructure, content creation, training, and tools that take learning to another level.  

Partnership with BLOOCK  

Due to the constant changes in the current digital educational landscape, educational institutions increasingly demand systems to enhance the security and reliability of their diplomas. Due to the exponential growth of digital credentials in recent years, there have been more and more cases of qualifications forgery, affecting both organizations’ reputations and the credibility of students’ credentials. With a focus on offering secure solutions to enable their clients to certify and verify their students’ credentials, Emprove has integrated BLOOCK’s certification and digital signature service into Moodle systems to provide all users of this LMS with an easy and secure way to offer the highest guarantees for their digital credentials. 

Conclusion and Future Perspectives  

The collaboration between Emprove and BLOOCK arises from the shared vision of providing accessible tools for entities of all kinds, allowing them to benefit from the most secure and innovative technologies. These initial steps mark the beginning of an alliance that will bring significant value to a wide range of institutions. Together, we move towards a more reliable and advanced digital education landscape. 


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