Logistics Innovation Day 2023

BLOOCK joining the leaders in the logistics industry.
logistics innovation day 2023 bloock BLOOCK‘s CEO, Lluís Llibre Codina, recently spoke at the Logistics Innovation Day organized by BCL – Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logístic, where industry leaders came together to discuss the latest trends and advancements in logistics. The event highlighted how technology, such as blockchain, is transforming the industry and improving transparency, and security, and reducing costs. BLOOCK is at the forefront of this innovation and is developing blockchain solutions for the logistics industry. During the event, our CEO shared insights on using blockchain in logistics and how it provides numerous benefits.

Blockchain and logistics industry

logistics innovation day 2023 bloock One of the significant advantages of blockchain in logistics is transparency. Blockchain technology allows the creation of a shared, immutable, and transparent record of all transactions between parties. Providing a single source of truth, blockchain technology improves supply chain visibility and traceability, reducing the risk of fraud and errors. Blockchain also provides enhanced security to the logistics industry. It eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks, customs agents, and brokers, reducing the risk of fraud and human errors that can occur during manual transactions. With blockchain, parties can conduct transactions directly and securely, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks. In addition to these benefits, blockchain also reduces costs in logistics by automating manual processes, minimizing paperwork, and streamlining transactions. It eliminates the need for multiple databases, saving time and resources for logistics companies. Through our talks, we highlighted BLOOCK‘s ongoing efforts to develop blockchain solutions for the logistics industry. By leveraging blockchain’s advantages, we aim to revolutionize logistics by creating an ecosystem of trust that enables seamless and secure transactions.

Logistics Innovation Day and BLOOCK

logistics innovation day 2023 bloock The Logistics Innovation Day organized by BCL – Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logístic was an informative and productive event that allowed industry leaders to share their ideas and insights. BLOOCK would like to thank BCL – Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logístic and DFactory Barcelona for organizing such a fantastic event that brought together industry leaders and experts. As the logistics industry undergoes a significant transformation, it’s crucial for key leaders to recognize the pivotal role that blockchain technology can play in driving this change.


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