IntiCo and BLOOCK Launch BlockSigny: Revolutionizing Digital Certificates

IntiCo, with the help of BLOOCK, has developed BlockSigny: for the certification, verification and security of documents and certificates, which saves 80% of time and costs compared to manual processes.

In today’s digital era, the management and security of certificates has become a significant challenge for many industries. IntiCo, a leading technology company and BLOOCK partner, has embarked on a project to develop a solution that facilitates the management of these certificates and ensures their maximum security using blockchain technology hand in hand with BLOOCK.  

In collaboration with BLOOCK, IntiCo aims to improve and streamline the way digital certificates are generated, stored and verified, having clear applications in areas such as finance, education, legal, religious and many more. 

About IntiCo 

IntiCo is a Miami-based technology company focused on innovation and process improvement, specializing in the development of cutting-edge solutions for various industries. With a strong commitment to addressing the challenges presented by certificate management, IntiCo has identified the need for a secure, efficient and reliable system to handle the large amount of certificates that are manually generated at physical locations. Their vision and experience in various industries make them the perfect partner for a project of this nature. 


BlockSigny: The new project between IntiCo and BLOOCK 

The partnership between IntiCo and BLOOCK represents a milestone in the field of digital certificates. IntiCo, leveraging BLOOCK’s blockchain technology expertise, has launched BlockSigny: a robust and scalable solution that guarantees the authenticity, integrity and security of all types of digital certificates.  


Leveraging the benefits in terms of maximum security for signing and certifying documents, and agility when validating their authenticity and integrity, the platform reduces the risk of fraud and manipulation and streamlines certificate management, all while eliminating limitations and reducing time and money costs by 80% compared to manual processes. 

In the words of Oscar Enrique Gomez, CEO of IntiCo, “At IntiCo, we are working on a digital certificate solution based on Blockchain. This solution aims to address the significant challenges associated with manually generating and storing certificates in physical locations without any security. Our platform will offer a solution to these problems in a wide variety of industries, such as finance, education, legal, religious, and more. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to revolutionize the way certificates are managed, ensuring greater security, efficiency, and trust in the issuance and verification processes.” 

You can access the BlockSigny demo video by following this link. 


Project benefits: 

The project between IntiCo and BLOOCK offers numerous benefits for companies and industries that rely on digital certificates: 

a) Increased Security and Trust:

By using blockchain technology, the platform guarantees the highest level of security and integrity for digital certificates. The immutability of blockchain records prevents unauthorized modification or tampering, providing a reliable source of verification for interested parties. This increased security builds confidence in the authenticity and validity of digital certificates, reducing the risk of fraud or forgery. 

b) Efficiency and Optimized Processes:

Manual certificate management processes are often slow and error-prone. With the blockchain-based solution, IntiCo and BLOOCK seek to streamline the entire certificate lifecycle, from the moment it is uploaded to the platform, signed, digitized and finally certified. The platform, simple and complete, presents in a clear and visual way all the documents that pass through it and the status of each of them and allows, once the process is completed, to verify the authenticity of all certified documents and download them through the platform itself. All these functionalities eliminate the need for manual intervention, saving organizations time and resources. This improved efficiency allows companies to focus on their core business while ensuring a seamless certificate management experience. 

c) Cost Reduction:

The traditional approach to certificate management involves significant administrative costs, such as printing, storing and maintaining physical certificates. The partnership between IntiCo and BLOOCK offers a cost-effective alternative by eliminating the need for physical documents. Digital certificates stored on the blockchain are accessible anytime, anywhere, allowing companies to save 80% in time and expenses associated with physical storage and distribution of certificates. 

d) Scalability and Interoperability:

BlockSigny is designed to be scalable and interoperable across multiple industries. It can adapt to the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, and easily integrate with existing systems. This flexibility ensures that the solution can be adopted by diverse industries, broadening its impact and benefiting a wide range of stakeholders. 

BlockSigny, developed by IntiCo with the help of BLOOCK, provide a secure, efficient and reliable solution for certificate management. Thanks to its full range of functionalities, such as certificate scanning and signing, blockchain-based certification, validation and document download, it provides an agile and reliable way to manage and guarantee the authenticity of documents and certificates. 

Leveraging blockchain technology, BlockSigny provides maximum security and trust in certificate management, preventing unauthorized modifications and guaranteeing their integrity. In addition, the platform optimizes processes by eliminating manual intervention, resulting in greater efficiency and savings in time and resources for companies. 


BlockSigny’s scalability and interoperability enable its adoption across a wide range of industries, bringing benefits to small businesses and large corporations alike, and setting a new standard in today’s digital age. 

You can access the BlockSigny demo video by following this link. 


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