Celebrating the Success of the 16th Edition of Premios EmprendeXXI

Celebrating the success of the 16th edition of Premios EmprendeXXI, BLOOCK emerges as one of the 36 finalists, showcasing dedication and innovation in pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. Join us in reflecting on this vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and the transformative potential of blockchain.

The 16th edition of Premios EmprendeXXI has been a resounding success, receiving an impressive 1,135 project proposals, a remarkable 48% increase compared to the previous year. This notable surge in submissions is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and determination that thrives within our ecosystem. The awards have become a shining example of successful public-private initiatives since their inception in 2007, inspiring entrepreneurs to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

BLOOCK’s Remarkable Journey

Within this thriving entrepreneurial landscape, BLOOCK’s journey in the Premios EmprendeXXI competition has been exceptional. Among 1,135 projects, we proudly emerged as one of the 36 finalists, a testament to our dedication, innovation, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. Our participation in this prestigious event has reinforced our belief in the transformative potential of blockchain, inspiring us to continue driving innovation and creating secure and transparent solutions.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate the success of the 16th edition of Premios EmprendeXXI, we remain dedicated to our mission of harnessing blockchain’s power to revolutionize industries and shape a better future. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants and winners, whose resilience and passion have contributed to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain.

The remarkable response to the 16th edition of Premios EmprendeXXI reflects the unwavering spirit and determination of the entrepreneurial community in Spain. BLOOCK is proud to be part of this thriving ecosystem, driving innovation and striving for excellence. We are grateful for the opportunities this competition has provided and are committed to leveraging blockchain technology to create a more secure, transparent, and prosperous future. Together, let us continue pushing the boundaries and transforming industries, fueling the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Spain’s diversity a source of strength.


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