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Vocdoni – Secure voting made easy

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We are happy to announce our new partnership with Vocdoni!

Established in 2018, Vocdoni’s core mission is to build a new generation of digital voting that surpasses centralized and private alternatives while strengthening the democratic health of society in the digital world.

With this mission in mind, Vocdoni develops and maintains an open-source, decentralized voting infrastructure that is called Vocdoni protocol. With this protocol, companies can enjoy the benefit of a system that provides full resistance to censorship, as well as a universal verification process, with only a fraction of their centralized counterparts’ costs. Vocdoni ensures the digital vote of hundreds of organizations from municipalities such as Bellpuig, or massive organizations such as Football Club Barcelona, the Excursionist Center of Catalonia, Òmnium Cultural or Col·legi d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya.

ferran vocdoniVocdoni’s Co-Founder and Communications Lead, Ferran Reyes noted that: This partnership democratizes access to a new generation of digital voting that is more transparent, secure, and verifiable. By joining Vocdoni and BLOOCK technology, more organizations will be able to organize voting, such as general assemblies or elections, with maximum guarantees of security and verifiability”.

This partnership also represents a big opportunity for BLOOCK as we are currently looking forward to our new move in the governance sector. According to BLOOCK‘s CEO, Lluís Llibre: “The growing trend towards e-voting is unstoppable, as voting is more prepared and digitized than ever. This is why the partnership between BLOOCK’s blockchain solution and Vocdoni’s secure and reliable system is an important technical innovation.” Lluís Llibre states that “with a blockchain-based voting system, we can foster real and continuous participation of individuals in the governance of organizations and institutions.”

For more information on Vocdoni, visit their webpage


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