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We are happy to announce that BLOOCK is partnering with Slashmobility to further develop blockchain solution for digital transformation!

Slashmobility is a Mobile Corporate Solutions company focusing on accelerating the technological digitalization of society through Mobile 360º services. Since its founding in 2010, they have become a reference company in the market through software development, training and talent recruitment. With more than a decade in the field, they have been working with FC Barcelona, HP and Telefonica.

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Emilio Avilés, CEO & Founder of Slashmobility declares that “Our partnership with BLOOCK allows us to continue growing in our strategy towards technological innovation through a strategic partner in the leading blockchain technology startup ecosystem”.

Through this partnership, Slashmobility can solve problems and offer new business opportunities to their clients by facilitating the certification and validation of all types of data. Some concrete examples are the certification of the claims process for the insurance sector, the titles’ certification for the education sector, or the quality control of products for the retail sector.

This partnership also represents a big opportunity for us. Our CEO & CO-Founder Lluís Llibre remarks that “At BLOOCK, we appreciate the trust of Slashmobility, a leading technology transformation company that can now guarantee the integrity and authenticity of its more than 500 clients’ key data on DLT or blockchain technologies. Together we provide omnichannel blockchain solutions to enhance the values of its clients’ companies, leaders in their industries”.

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