BLOOCK’s update: Announcing our new website

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new website!
We are excited to have launched our new website which includes updated, insightful content to help you find out more about us and what we can do to help you.  We have created a clean, modern design and improved site navigation to help our users find exactly what they are looking for and better represent who we are as a company. 

Highlights of our new website include

  • Clear outlines of our product with guided explanations

    • Data Integrity
    • Data Authenticity
    • Private encryption
    • Data availability
    • BLOOCK infrastructure
    • Analytics Add-on 
  • Services updates such as certifier, valid proof, digital signature, and our management system as well as pricing 

  • Clear pricing plans so clients can make informed decisions

  • A portal for affiliate programs that displays all our partnership options as well as our current clients

We will be frequently adding new, exciting, and interesting content to our website, including newsletter updates, blog posts, and videos. Please also check out our social media channels for more BLOOCK updates!     


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Are you looking for a tech partner?

We help IT projects to record data privately in blockchain without any effort and with a high scalability of 4000 records per second. With BLOOCK, you can address provenance and identity projects such as supply chain traceability, document certifications, and verifications, or even works with the IoT sector. Want to accelerate your business with blockchain technology and benefit from DLT's transparency and security as your source of data certification?

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