50 Most Innovative Blockchain Startups & Companies (Catalonia)

BLOOCK is on the rise as per the recent article by “CHAIN NEWS” listing it among the “50 Most Innovative Blockchain Startups & Companies (Catalonia)”

The emerging new tech in Catalonia

The upcoming new advancements in tech are being envisioned, made, and created in Barcelona and Catalonia, making it one of the world’s driving tech locations. With new talent, skilled innovation, culture, a developing number of dynamic new businesses, and a quickly developing computerized environment at easy access, motivating worldwide organizations to invest in Catalonia.

Chain News criteria

The recent article emphasized the requirements needed to pick a company “across the size spectrum from innovative startups to established brands.

We selected these startups and companies for exceptional performance in one of these categories:

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Management
  • Societal impact

BLOOCK success

Of Course, BLOOCK fits all the criteria making it in the top 30!

Last year, in collaboration with the Catalunya government, BLOOCK – Enchainté’s blockchain solution is featured as the primary case study for Distributed Ledger Technology.

Published by TIC Catalunya and I2Cat Foundation, the report shows how BLOOCK‘s Ethereum layer 2 solution assists the digital transformation of the decentralized world. Using blockchain technology, we provide the blockchain’s layer of integrity and traceability to ensure data quality, security, and privacy. The use of data-certified blockchain records allows the legitimacy of digital credentials to be assigned, stored, and controlled, while giving holders full ownership and control over how and with whom certifications are shared.

For more information on BLOOCK – your bridge to the blockchain, check out our demo walk through our Youtube here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@bloock.com


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We help IT projects to record data privately in blockchain without any effort and with a high scalability of 4000 records per second. With BLOOCK, you can address provenance and identity projects such as supply chain traceability, document certifications, and verifications, or even works with the IoT sector. Want to accelerate your business with blockchain technology and benefit from DLT's transparency and security as your source of data certification?

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