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Allows you to certify academic titles, hence, be able to track and trace the validity of students academic life.

A myriad of compliance procedures, tasks and steps could be eliminated through blockchain, as information is already lodged and accessible in an existing and secure, tamper-resistant database.

Blockchain solutions for governance to ensure democracy and information transparency.

Efficiency improvement of process, international trade, transportation, product traceability, and distribution.

With the blockchain network, the clinical data of patients and their histories can be shared safely while providing data traceability and provenance.

Creation of a global payment network, with more secure, convenient, and fraud-proof transactions.

Ease of management in different areas from communication, hotel management, and customer satisfactions

Certification of data stored by sensors and traceability of actuator processes.

Improvement of traceability and security protocols, development of autonomous driving, vehicle rental, and temporary access authorizations..

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"We are adopting Blockchain since this is a new paradigm for our organization to impulse transparency and trust with a clear importance to our customers"
Toni Caro
President - COEC
"We have seen how Blockchain is changing how our customers approach to trust and transparency. Definitely, COVID accelerated the traction of this technology in the market"
Ignasi Oliva
Tech lead - I2Cat technology center
"There are many new applications in our insurance world that can be opened thanks to the blockchain technology and that will enable our new revenue streams in the near future"
Jose Maria Martín
CEO & President - SNB Group
"Blockchain is the key opportunity for our vineyard to compete head to head with international brands and provide a revolutionary differentiation with other wineries to improve our competitive thanks to differentiations"
Mike Barrow
Project Lead - OpenVino

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